Sunday, December 23, 2012

*** Something different today ***

Hello Everybody!

Hope all is well and that you had a great week/day?! If not don't worry. Every day is a new day to start all over again for a (new) challenge!

Today I wanted to do something different. Instead of a new topic I just want you to listen to the song in this blog ( reed the lyrics if it is going to fast for you). This song was playing a few times in my head this week. So today I decided just to listen to it and I am happy I did. The melody ~ lyrics ~ voice complete everything and gives me new and positive energy.

You know when you get the feeling that you are exhausted and about to give up on something but you just need to hear a positive message? Combine it with the right melody and you just created some new energy to get back up and just think/believe/feel that you can make it and start all over again and again and again untill you finally achieved your goal(s). It's like running to the finish line and winning your own gold medalion... Can you imagine how that would feel? Amazing right! All the effort and energy you put into something finally pays off.

So the message today is LISTEN to a positive message from a song ~ a person ~ an article ~ or something else. But get that energy back and press the " Repeat " button.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay

Sunday, December 16, 2012

*** Reset your "HARD DISK" right now ***

Hello Everybody!

I hope all is well and that you had a great & inspiring week. Or at least learned something where you need to work on to improve yourself. I know I have ;) .


My past was hunting me again and I thought that I have approved that part in my life. Hmmm well I guess not. I still have to work on not to be " miss perfect " and have everything prepared and well in my head & in my actions. In the business I am working now ( Sales & Marketing) it doesn't always work and match. Sometimes you need to just throw the overload of information you get and want to say, overboard and just use ONLY the information that is neccesary and just keep it easy & simple. Man what a struggle it has been these two weeks!!!  It can be hard to change something you have always done almost your whole life.

But I truely believe that you can take on the challenge, reach that breaking point and improve yourself. The only thing you need to do is keep on going and NEVER give up!!! Even if someone tells you that you wont make it. Dont listen to them. Maybe you need to adjust some small things but keep on going.
And most important thing is be totally honest to yourself and listen to the upbuilding critism people give. YOU schould be thankfull when they say things you know they are right at some point!


Did you ever got the feeling when you take so many energy & information up on yourself that you almost know your hard disk is gonna crash?!?!?! Well yes I have that frequently that I sometimes forget to just relax and do something fun! I guess it is because I want to do so many things continuesly at once and keep on going. To Ambitious??? Nothing wrong with that though but sometimes your brain needs a break from all the information. So how can you take care of that?!

  • First thing put on a comedy or do something fun you haven't done for a while. Plan it a few days in advance so that you have something to look forward to.
  • Go out and meet (new) people or call an old friend you haven't seen or talked to in a while. Share your stories together and give each other some postive energy
  • Do something nice for someone. It can be smiling to someone, helping them a hand or just say hello
  • and last but not least ~ Laugh Out Loud  ~ alone or with someone who always makes you laugh...

Why do I find this last topic so important?! Laughing is a good work-out for tence muscle in tha face and body and it is good because it gives your brain fresh oxygen. Humans need to stay in balance and if we dont do that we break down.

So reset your harddisk when you know/feel the time is right/there. Learn to listen to your body & soul...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay

Sunday, December 9, 2012

*** Why you should get motivated ***

Hi Everybody!

I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your weekend ;)

I have some great news to share. The last couple of weeks I have been living in a roller coaster. I got a new job in Sales & Marketing and it still feels like I am dreaming. Someone pinch me :P.. And it is not only because of the job subscription but more about the opportunities you can get  for working at this company and developing your business and personal grow. You know what they mean when they say that there is a right moment, time, place for everything and also meeting the right people. Well it is very much true because I have experience that. Only thing I can say is when you have a dream or goal(s) just go for it and do it, when you feel that everything is in balance.

The next fase is how to do this and where to start.... Well there are a few ways to do this. Just stick to your own plans and routine and look how other succesfull people do it.

I hope these 19 tips will push you in the right direction and give you a clear vision and lead you closer to your goal(s) & dreams... Enjoy reading! ;)

1. Start your day fresh & healthy
Everybody has there own way of waking up our starting out the day. But before you get out of bed, just first say THANK YOU and be grateful for starting a new day. Or you can just meditate for a few minutes. And don't forget to have a healthy breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. It's your fuel to get you up and running.

2. Stay Active
When you have a sedentary lifestyle you will lead to a lack of energy, which will directly impact your level of motivation. Try to do something active each day. If you like walking go for a walk in the park or just stay at home, put your music on and just dance untill you have enough!

3. Make a list
Write down your tasks to accomplish! This is the only way to get anything done. Spread your work for the week over each of the five days. This way you don't burn out too quickly. When a task is finished just cross it off the list. This will make you feel so good! Just try to make one for the weekend  and even make a list that includes chores as cleaning the house or going to the Supermarket. Having these tasks also makes you stay on track ;)

4. Get More Sleep
When you’re sleepy, your energy level suffers. Try to get to bed earlier by turning off the TV and putting away the phone and Internet at a reasonable hour.

5. Have a Goal in Mind
What’s the point of working toward something if there’s nothing toward which to work? Easy just set goals! This is also easier to motivate yourself. If the goals are small and achievable it will be easier to motivate yourself to a higher level. Don't set the pace to high for yourself in the beginning.

6. Reward Yourself
To keep yourself motivated, promise yourself something special when you achieve your goal. This can be a nice dinner out with your love ones  or a new dress or shoes. Whatever it is, make it count but just don’t cheat.

7. Ask for Support
Keeping yourself accountable is tough, but bringing other people into the mix it's much easier. If you are having trouble with a topic or something you need help with ask a friend or colleague if they'd be willing to help keep you motivated for a short-term project. When you reward yourself at the end, perhaps you can invite your motivation buddy along as well.

8. Move Your Alarm Clock
It’s easy to hit the snooze button over and over and over. I have to admit this one has become a habit for me. Working progress people ;), but luckily there is always a solution. If you have trouble getting out of bed, put your alarm clock across the room. It will force you to get up and while you are up, you might as well get started on your day, right?!

9. Wake Up to Upbeat Music
We all have a special song that rocks our body. Just put on your favorite music and jam away to start your day with some good and positive energy.

10. Prepare the Night Before
Eat, pray and live these words. People under estimate this but being prepared is an essential component to motivation. The reason why? Because it cuts down on the anxiety you may feel when diving in. If you have small things that can be done in advance of a big workday, do them the night before. Writing things down can give you a clear head and a better view on the priorities and the rest.

11. Tell your Plans
Don't keep your plans for yourself. By letting everyone in your life know what you are up to and what you are doing, you will inherently feel responsible to stay motivated. You will feel the urge to complete and set your goals so you can share what you've accomplished with your friends and close ones.

12. What's your personal Mantra
You will need this one when you start your day and use it during the whole day and when you are feeling a little bit down. Spend some time thinking of a motivating mantra to keep you focused. These words will keep you moving in the right direction, when you feel like you are starting to lose focus.

13. Try to Do Less
Are your goals or tasks overwhelming? That can kill motivation instantly. If you feel like what you’re trying to accomplish is bigger than you, scale it back. Spread the tasks out over a few days if you have time and tackle each one in smaller spurts.

14. Reed inspirational and positive quotes
Sometimes you just need encouragement. I would say google these words and get that good vibe and focus to recharge your batery. There are lots of websites with these kind of quotes. They can make you feel better the second you read the message.

15. Start the Day Doing Something You Enjoy
If you’re looking at your to-do list and just can’t seem to muster the motivation to chip away at it, take an hour or so to do something that you enjoy instead. By getting in your head in a happy place, you’re putting yourself in a better situation to want to get down to business when you’re finished.

16. Set a Time Limit
A goal without a limit is like swimming around without having a straight direction where you are going and when you want to accomplish this. So what to do? Well that's easy. Just set a time limit. This will help you stay on track and have the urge that you can beat this.

17. Deconstruct Arduous Tasks
Break multifaceted tasks into smaller, more achievable goals that you can cross off more frequently.

18. Think of the End Result
There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep that finish line in the back of your mind the whole time, then think of how good it will feel when you reach it. You can do it!!!

19. Stay Positive
Last but not least stay & think positive. Negativity can eat you alive if you let it slip into your life. Don't let the little things get you down. Remember that they are just bumps in the road and they will make you a better person in the long run. You will reach your goals faster if you keep your chin up in the face of adversity. You are unique and special in your own kinda way remember that :)

I hope these tips will help you find a way to get and stay motivated but especially keep the focus. If you want to achieve something in your life you have to start with some basic and simple rules. Keep on track and just stick to it so that you can look back at what you can or have accomplished.

Are you ready to get motivated? Tell me how you do it. Please leave a comment below :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay