Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Hello everybody!

Hope you're doing well and that you enjoyed the weekend ?! I wanna start the week off with some motivational quotes..... Enjoy :)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

*** We don't have Super Powers ***

Hi everybody!

Hope you are doing well and that you're getting ready for the weekend. I know I am :D

But wow what a week!!! I challenged myself to set some goals for this year and dispose a few "old" habits that were holding me back for the next transformation in my life.... I am not gonna lie I had my struggles alright but at the end of the first week I felt great! As some of you know I began my tranformation for a better life and to accomplish a few goals I have written for this year.... You can read all about it here Let the Transformation begin

How it all began ...

As the good student I started to make a plan and how I was willing to hit every goal no matter what. The focus was there but not really in the right way. I mean don't get me wrong accomplishing your goals is a good thing, but sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy or accept everything that is happening during that progress.

When did lightning hit me ...

What helped me through the first week? Well realising that without support & help from others, a plan and consistency for making a change is hard. It is good that you are willing to change but without taking action it's no use. I've learned/experienced that now.... Also something great happend this week. I've copy past it from my " progress journal " so you can read it yourself  :)

Day 6:

This morning I took the time for myself and I was thinking about the things I couldn't accomplished in the past few days. Where does it keep on going wrong?. And then it hit me! I was so focussing on the goals i've written ( see profile), that I forgot to write the most important one. The one that motivates me the most and is my life purpose. 

I realise now that the other goals are just baby steps/ preperation for the most important one in my life. And that is helping other people, especially children to become what they have always wanted to be or want to become. There own life purpose....

If I want to be a rolemodel, I first have to change myself and be an example. 

With the information and tools Brendon Burchard discuss in his video's I am going to add a few changes in my daily rituals. 

What's my focus for the upcoming week(s) ...

The moral of this story don't push yourself to hard when you're in a transformation fase or changing a habit.  It's like taking care of a wound. You can't expect it to heal in a day. You have to take care of it and nurture it untill it is all healed. Same goes for this. Take your time during this healing process, but make sure you have all the medical tools because everyone has it own function to complete your journey.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

*** Let the Transformation begin ***

Hello Everybody!

Hope all is well today and that you had a great start at work or enjoyed your first few days of the week!

Today I want to share a short version off my past & how I have become the person I am today.

Mini me & Big me ...

As a little girl I was very shy and affraid to talk to people. When someone would asked me something I would just look at them, nod or only smile. Yeah that would've been the conversation pretty much :P

I was affraid to ask questions, show interest and just have a plain conversation with a person. Yes my tongue was still in my mouth but for some kinda reason I couldn't pass that part in my life...

Gladly a miracle happend. Yes there was still hope for me! It took a while but during college years I got to meet (new) people, travelled to different countries with school and every year we had to go on a internship which was most of the time getting involved with people.. Well I didn't had that much choice but to interact and develop myself, otherwise I wouldn't gratuate huh!!! At first it was scary but I have to say during those years my "real" personality was showing up and I was loving it. I was becoming the person I was/am meant to be....

Untill my current age, which is twenty-nine yup I am that  "old" ;) , I can describe myself as a funny, sweet, silly, sensual, caring & friendly person.

You' re probably wondering what is the use off all this information? Well I'll tell you. The thing is we all go through a few phases during our lives. I described mine a little bit general, because I don't want to go that deep with my past. But my point is that some old (bad) habbits can grow on your personality and become a burden, our block your growing progress during your transformation through the next fases in your life.

So what's the next step in my life?

Yes that's a good question. As everyone, I also set some (new) goals in life for myself. The following goals I want to achieve within 90 days starting from today.

  • Wealth: I want to make at least a minimum amount per month, starting my primairy costs, variable costs and savings. I also want to take better care of my time & money ( personal and business wise)
  • Health: I want to improve my condition by going 3 times a week to the gym and also buildup a healthy ( eating ) lifestyle. I also want to create more relaxing moments to stress out.
  • Wise: I want to be fully commited to my relationship with GOD and my career. I also want to create more structure in my life and stick to  planning. 

I even signed myself up for an online program to keep my goals & progress on track. ( To follow me you also have to sign up for the program: http://transformationcontest.com/Login/tabid/88/Default.aspx?returnurl=%2fProgressJournal.aspx / It just takes a sec and also a good reason for you to join with the program :)

This is to prevent procrastinating. Many people do it, but there are no excuses and if you want something you have to change or adjust to get what you really want.

I wanna leave you guys with a inspirational quote and the question: what are your goals for this year and how would you combine it with the (next) fase(s) in your life? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment.

"The best way to get started is to get started. Life rewards action…not reaction. Wait for nothing." - Kekich Credo #81

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Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A late happy new year ......

Hi Everybody!

Hope all is well and that you enjoyed the holiday periods.....

First wanted to wish you all a happy new year with lots of joy*happinez*freedom*positive energy*wealth and that all your dreams may come true!!!

Just wanted to do a quick post!

Brand new topic(s) coming up this week. So stay tuned ;)

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