Monday, March 18, 2013

* * * Changing Directions * * * Part I

Hope all is well?! I don't know about you but I always wish the weekends would just last a little bit longer. It always passes by so quick... Can't wait for Spring & Summer to come with, let's pray  ->>> lot's and lot's of Sun ;) 

What happend so far...

Anyways back to the update! It's been a while, I know I know very bad, since I shared something about my last up-date during my transformation.. To be really honest it's really harder then it looks like. I thought I had this one in the pocket after writing my first week progress. You can read more about it here ->> We don't have Super Powers ... But eventually No I did NOT had this one in the pocket... I was still focussing on the wrong things and kept on asking myself why the progress wasn't really coming. Untill it hit me again  and I've come to realize that I'll be getting more of these moments. But I don't mind at all because now I know it's part of the journey. Every time you've accomplished something, your gonna have to wear your boxing gloves and face them again... That's the way life is... So yeah how do we make this work then???

Sleeping beauty ...
Overall I got to say that going through this progress you've come to experience a few interesting facts about your old and new self, but most important getting to know the " real " you... Now I know this might sound a litte bit weird and not what you usually would do automaticaly but I've experienced it as the most important ingrediĆ«nt during a transformation in life!  
Any life phase actually

You've probably heard this before from people telling you, or you reading somewhere one of the following things " love yourself first before you can love another", put your own needs first when making a decision that can effect others or trust your intuition? I know some of you can relate to this and the fact is It's TRUE!!! 

It's like coming "home"...
Now I am NO psychologist or studied this at school,  but I've read & still do read a lot of books about these kind of topic and human behavior. The conclusion of this all is just accepting the way you are, because it will always come back to the surface one way or another. Believe me it will always find a way back to you. Knocking on your door and waiting for you to let it in. 

Just in case your like what's this girl talking about, yeah sometimes I'm babbeling about things without pronouncing the correct word(s)/sentence ;) , But I am talking about your " soul " ... Yup that spiritual path :D  and I have to say that it's like getting to know the real you, who got lost in society and followed the crowd as we could say in a proper way... What am I talking about? Check out these Quotes

This is about finding your inner voice to share and show it with the rest of the peepz in this world.. Don't be disappointed because you're not gonna be a lot of peoples cup of Tea , but at least you'll get some who really can connect/relate with you! I have been experiencing this myself and I'll talk about it more in the next blog ( explaining how I experienced my soul journey and where I am now), otherwise this article is gonna be toooo long ;) .. So basicilly it's like coming home and for you just to embrace that part of you, that's always been there waiting to come out and just wants to chill out with you.

For now I wanna leave you guys with a few quotes that will hopefully give you that "aha moment".. Enjoy it!

 Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay

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