Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Hello everybody!

It's been a while since my last blog post. Live has been good, no complaints here ;) ... I've been a little busy with the (mini) project(s). But I definitely have more awesome themes I would like to share with you guys. So stay tuned untill the next upcoming blog post in a few days/ this week.

For now I'll leave you guys with a few Inspirational Quotes. I could feel them all the way down to my toes :) . Enjoy!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

* * * TED TALKS are awesome * * *

I hope you guys had and still are having a nice time on this Special Day with your mom and smothered her with lot's of Gifts but most importantly L.O.V.E. Mine was great. I got to spend some Q-time with my mom and see my Grams and an aunt today. Unfortunatelly not for long because they had to go. But overall I enjoyed the day very much. I also wrote something about this Day and my Mom. Click the link ->>> here to read more about it. For those who are clueless for a moment about my text. I am talking about Mother's Day ;)

Who's TED?

Let's talk about TED. No I am not referring to a person here :) , but a non profit organization and it is short for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Their mission? Spreading Ideas!

"We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change 
attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we're 
building here a clearinghouse that offers 
free knowledge and inspiration from 
the world's most inspired thinkers, 
and also a community of curious 
souls to engage with ideas 
and each other."

This is what they believe in and stand for and I couldn't agree more. The inspiration, encouragement to do and act to change the world in a positive & inspiring way just gives me goosebumps. I love it! If you want to read more about how they roll and do their stuff. Go on and click on the link ->>> here.

Why should you get engaged with TED?
Ok so now you know why I adore TED and why I spend my time there on a regular basis as well but why should you do that too? Well based on the fact that it's free oh and did I mention very Informative and Educational plus that they are reaching out to others ( the world ) to share the ideas of the inspirational thinkers from the many Conferences & Talks and more stuff?! YOU can also help make a difference with the information and things they are sharing. We all can actually ->>> It's no one man show but everybody can help and give their own contribution to help out, how big or small the deed may seem.

My advice; don't hold back and if someone else shares almost the same idea(s) as you do. Still don't hesitate because we all have an individual way of discovering and creating and things to make it our own Unique speciality. Can you imagine how it would be if everybody was the same at all levels? What challenges would there be for change and growth? And I couldn't describe this more better than the following quotes below.

"It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place....It's when we start 
spilling our sweat and not our blood."
--- David Hume

"Every succesfull individual knows  that his or her achievement depends on a community
of persons working together." 
--- Paul Ryan

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. "
 ---Napoleon Hill 

Meet TED

For those who didn't heard about TED yet, now you guys are officially introduced to each other. Me on the other hand has been checking out some of the "Talks" on TED and they were awesome. So much that I would shedual one or a few for every week. The information gets me so excited that sometimes I am almost losing my mind, metaphorically speaking of course ;). And I mean this in the good way. I mean like let's be honest for a moment here. All the new/old ideas that just pops into my head (again) after listening and watching these inspiring people sharing their great knowledge, gives me so much energy almost like someone with ADHD. Hey what else can you expect from a creative person, right? :P

So starting this week I will share a "short" TED TALK from inspirational thinkers with their own & unique message/idea.

 TED Talk of the week

Let's start with Temple Grandin. She talks about how The World needs all Kinds of Minds. Now isn't that a great way to start the TED TALKS with you guys? I'll let her do the talking now, so enjoy watching and let me know what you think about this topic in the comments below or you can join me at the startup for a free online community I am organizing & building up. Click on this link ->>> here to watch Temple Grandin and this one ->>> here about the Community.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is 
always to try just one more time."
---Thomas A. Edison 

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& wishing all the MoMs a Happy Mother's day!
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* * * A Very Special Day * * *

So today is a very Special Day for all the Mother's out there. Actually this day should  be held more often to HONOR all the hard working & dedicated moms, who are keeping the ends together ( every single day).

During and right after my sabbatical trip to Rome I finally realized that I was not treating my mom & others in the way I should've been doing <->the understanding, positive & kind way. I was hurting myself more by hurting them. ( not on purpose of course) Well this year I am turning 30 so I guess the numbers don't lie, right? XD

So instead of ME being the centre of attention, I started focussing and paying more attention at my mom's behavior. I learned a few cool things like, the Loving & Kind person she has always been, but my "selfish ego" was too proud to take off those darn blindfolds :-/ I feel so blessed that I still got a chance to discover this part of her in time! Wanna know something else? I became more "aware" that

I am Creative just like my MOM, a sneak peek -> click here

I am an Introvert but do like some Good company & Goofiness  just like my MOM

I am very Caring just like my MOM

Always been and always will be a perfectionist just like my MOM, but we are both definately trying to shift this one in a positive, not suicidal way, #working#progress#peeps# ;)

Finally I can say and shout out 
from the bottom 
of my ღ

And to all the MOMS out there in the world YOU ROCK and keep on shining your lights through everything. 

 I made D.I.Y. gifts for my Grams, Mom & Aunts *Decorative Soap Hanger ( I bought them at this store)*

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& wishing all the MoMs a Happy Mother's day!

Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

* * * The Best Product to invest in * * *

Yay it's weekend! I was really looking forward to it. It's been a long and exhausting week with lots of writing, planning and thinking. So, yes I am very happy that I  can relax for a few days. But I couldn't and wouldn't let this week go by without posting the following "hot" topic lots of people are talking about nowadays.

My Confession

But before we go into that, I want to share a confession. It started in my college years at the age of 17. Next to my chocolate addiction , I had a few more like ->>> purchasing an abundance of jewelry, bags, shoes & cloths. Luckily I am over that phase and only purchase things that are essentially needed or to refresh my wardrobe and not more out of greed. By the way I like to refer "things" as an addiction because without even knowing this we unconsciously create these things and before we know it, it slowly creeps up on us and it becomes an "addiction". Sometimes Less is More. Most things are the same but only in a different color or material. I know it can be tempting, specially if you've gotten used to it and don't be mad or angry about it, remember we are still human and have "desires", but we CAN control the situation. Nop it's not easy but you can start and make an effort somewhere, right? To control some of my addiction I always repeat the following sentence to give me back that "reality smackdown" ~ It isn't about what I WANT but what I NEED  to do to help myself and others in a better and positive way. ~ I have a Question for you as well. When is the last time you purchased two or three items that helped you improved YOUR talents, passions, knowledge? Like you I am not perfect, I still need to work on the chocolate addiction :) , but if we take the first step and really open up our eyes to "see" where all the money is being spend on ( daily/regular ) we can take back the control to change or create something positive with it. It always starts somewhere how big or small it may be.

Liability or Asset

As some of you may notice the working environment is "slowly" changing. More and more people want to start their own business and are using their talents and skills as a service or product. Well you can't blame them because everything is changing and so are the working spaces as well. I don't mind changes, wanna know why? Because I've always liked working in an environment where everyday is "different", to have more "freedom" in my work and to be "flexible" in traditional rules. Now don't get me wrong structure and basic rules are important in a working environment but to still use some of those traditional "rules" or "habits" in a new and changing society and working space? For example. Let's say you purchased an Apple device and without ever having a new one on the market, the same one is being used by generation after generation. Well I don't know Steve Jobs personaly but I think he would have rolled over in his grave, because Apple put's innovation high on their list. That's why I think they stand out from other companies because the products are always in a line with this and that it always stays in connection with their customers. Offcourse, we can always learn (new) things from other generations but it's also important not to stay stuck in things that are not in line with a new generation and/or society.

I get it reading this can give you a small flash back on the following word F.E.A.R. ( False Evidence Appearing Real ). So if we ignore this for a sec and truly make an effort, can you imagine how life changing it can be? Remember this: every decision you make is a choice.

So it's time to wake up and start pursuing your purpose in this life. Follow nowadays crowd but go find your "specialty" that makes you UNIQUE. Don't be scared or give up on your dreams. You'll never know how you could have helped someone else if you don't try it first. +Lindsay R 

Some basic essentials to start Investing in Yourself

Ok so you have the urge to start changing some things up in your life and before we even talk about money you first need to put some things in line. I've added a few that helped me and I am still adding more to my list of what I (still ) learn from others. And offcourse you can leave a comment below what works for you. Sharing is connection ♥

  • Healthy lifestyle. Remember the saying "you are what you eat"? Well it's totally true and important. It all starts inside your body and the condition(s) "show" the results of it. 
  • Be grateful and thankful for everyday that you can wake up again and live a new life. Not everyone get's to "see" a new day. And also for other things that happen in your life. Yup even the bad ones, sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise afterwards.
  • Discover your talents and work on your skills and start making a habit of it. Pratice makes perfect.
  • Find your life purpose and answer the WHY question and start taking yourself serious. It's time to see yourself as a Personal Brand. You can read more about it in this article from Aspire for Success.
  • Set weekly, monthly, yearly goals and review your progress on a regular basis. This way you can start with small goals, and for making it a habit and building the core believe that you can accomplish your goals and dreams. Don't forget in the process that you are doing the best you can and if something didn't work out, you still tried it. Be proud of yourself for just by "doing" it.
  • Find a mentor/coach. Never doubt the strength you have within yourself. But sometimes we "need" others to help and encourage us. We need their loving support to spark that fire and help us follow our own dreams. It's not me vs the world, it's uniting and helping each other out to change the world in a positive & inspiring way.
  • Invest more in yourself, in your knowledge. Read books.(at the moment I am reading the Charge and the Success Principles -> read a few pages here >>> and I can highly recommend them). Attend free or paid webinars, workshops, (online) courses and life events. Or just start a new hobby or something you've always wanted to try out. Start seeing yourself as a valuable asset and not a liability.
  • Create a visualbord/mindmap and start taking action. Only dreaming and thinking about it won't bring you far. But a powerful combination can be taking action. Take the first step and it will lead you to another one. ~ step by step ~

" Walk the Walk "

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I started this blog a year and almost two months ago. Not knowing ( in the beginning ) how it would turn out or which direction I would go, it finally started to become a Motivational & Inspiring blog. At first I wanted to keep myself motivated by writing and tracking my progress and most importantly as a public announcement to keep my word. But along the way I felt the urge to motivate and inspire you guys as well. We are all the same, some with different struggles and battles but as human we have the same ability. It is and it will always be witin us to change our life in a positive way. We have 100% responsibility for our life. No matter how bad someone treats us or in what unhealthy situation you are right now, you ALWAYS have a choice to step out of it. I can't say that I've experience really bad things but I know and experienced myself, that we as human being are capable to do and achieve anything. As long as we put our *body*mind*soul* and *spirit* to it, anything is possible.

The most important word before you start with anything is F.A.I.T.H ~ an institution to express belief in a divine power ~ And remember it always starts within you. Start having faith in Yourself, in Humanity and God/the Universe +Lindsay R 

So it's time for me to stop hidding behind the curtains and step out in the "real world" to be at service for others that I genuinely want to help. Want to find out how I am going to take this (next) step? Well stay tuned for the next blog ;)

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Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

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