Sunday, May 12, 2013

* * * A Very Special Day * * *

So today is a very Special Day for all the Mother's out there. Actually this day should  be held more often to HONOR all the hard working & dedicated moms, who are keeping the ends together ( every single day).

During and right after my sabbatical trip to Rome I finally realized that I was not treating my mom & others in the way I should've been doing <->the understanding, positive & kind way. I was hurting myself more by hurting them. ( not on purpose of course) Well this year I am turning 30 so I guess the numbers don't lie, right? XD

So instead of ME being the centre of attention, I started focussing and paying more attention at my mom's behavior. I learned a few cool things like, the Loving & Kind person she has always been, but my "selfish ego" was too proud to take off those darn blindfolds :-/ I feel so blessed that I still got a chance to discover this part of her in time! Wanna know something else? I became more "aware" that

I am Creative just like my MOM, a sneak peek -> click here

I am an Introvert but do like some Good company & Goofiness  just like my MOM

I am very Caring just like my MOM

Always been and always will be a perfectionist just like my MOM, but we are both definately trying to shift this one in a positive, not suicidal way, #working#progress#peeps# ;)

Finally I can say and shout out 
from the bottom 
of my ღ

And to all the MOMS out there in the world YOU ROCK and keep on shining your lights through everything. 

 I made D.I.Y. gifts for my Grams, Mom & Aunts *Decorative Soap Hanger ( I bought them at this store)*

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog
& wishing all the MoMs a Happy Mother's day!

Be Good & Stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay

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