Friday, September 13, 2013

* * * Moving Forward * * *

So yesss it's been a while. I feel like the months have passed by just like in a blink of an eye... To be really honest I had no idea how to fill up my blog with ( new ) content that can benefit for you guys. When I write a blog post, it's coming from a place deep inside when I've (just) gone through a proces - learning moment - or what you wanna call it - Here's what it looks like - I just shutdown, work it out from the inside, write it off my chest, evaluate the learning moments and how I can do it different in the future. And when I've passed that "test" or "phase", I write my evaluation and share it on my blog. When I am going through a phase like this, it's like peeling of some old layers of wallpaper.

Yeah I think I have a few more to go but I'm almost there. One step at a time  ♥ . During these moments you are really getting to know your true self. Most important part of this phase is that everything new you add is in the now moment. So that after a while you build up the things you value the most. But most importantly is your true personalty shining through everything in your life. The greatest gift you can give yourself. It's just priceless you know ;)

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and 
our adventure to discover our own special light."  
--- Mary Dunbar ---

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson ---

"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are."
--- Malcolm S. Forbes  ---

Why has it been so Quiet around my blog?

I was facing some ( serious) challenges like, finding a job to stay financial independent, building my business ( brand ) and finding out & discovering the "WHY I wanna do this for a lifetime part", investing time & energy in the "right" people. Believe me I  ♥  to help people and support them. BUT when it comes to a point to meet your own needs and the persons who are giving that same feedback and also sharing their needs, it's time for some inventory. Otherwise it's gonna get messy and you can miss the overview and get a lot of headache too. During these reflection moments I came out stronger and wiser. You see everyday is a learning moment. How small or big something may seem there is always a lesson we can learn from it. And better yet you respect and value that the important things in life, like for example spending time w/ (special ) family and friends, your health, your dreams & goals, money can't buy. So you better think twice what you put first everyday?! ;)

I'll share the (most important) things I've learned during my " time offline "

When tough times come, as usualy they do, just try to keep the focus as much as possible on your dreams/goals and where your heading. So instead of panicking whether I'am gonna make the deadline or not, I try to remind myself often that this is not a marathon and that I just should enjoy the journey along every way, -  the Good - the Bad - the Ugly -

Stay true to yourself. One word -> Temptation. I 've had to deal with this one many times. It kept popping up in different areas of my life. But with the helping hand of GOD , I could manage to stay on the right path and keep my focus on him. As you guys know I've been on an interesting and inspiring journey and during these last few months I came to know GOD in a special and beautiful way. My whole life ( perspective ) changed and made my life complete and I can finally say with full proudness and recognition, that each day I am accepting and loving every bit and part of me more and more. But most importantly that HE accepts me just the way I am - with my flaws and all and that he loves me for who I am and not how the world wants to see me. Now that's priceless for me. I 'll share more details about my journey with GOD in a separate blog post. For now I'll share this TED video about the Power of Vulnerability. Wow I was so amazed that what I've been going through was and still is ( everyday ) worth it! I've broken that BIG, HIGH & really TOUGH wall, believe me it was that serious. But definately check out this video. I even got more learning moments from it. Click here >>> to watch it.

Instead of blaming another or the situation, I tried to ask myself the following question - What can I learn from this? - Really, do this and you'll be amazed what kind of results you can get! So instead of being angry about it or quarelling, you can figure out how to create or come up with a solution and better yet it can be a stress reliever. Imagine all that burden off your shoulders. How awesome would that be! Plus you saved yourself some extra gray hairs there. Or this only happens to me? ;)

Always try your best to keep moving forward your goals/dreams, no matter what. Yes no matter what - no excuses! Even if you don't feel like it. Before you know it we are in a new year. We don't have forever and everyday we loose, we can never take back again. So since I've been lacking some slack as well. I remind myself with the following quote -> "What you do today is the result of tomorrow". Does it work??? If you put it in a place @home where you pass by often. Or put it as a reminder in your phone, you can't ignore it eventually. Since I've been doing this for a while, I 've been beating Mr Procastination! It's not always easy ( let me get real for a sec ;) , but I am going to keep it up because it works! And I do get the results I want to see/get. In the past few months my life has changed in a dramatic positive way. I am so forever grateful for the love and grace of GOD. If it hadn't been for him, I would be lost and living a very unhappy life. I am not going back but moving forward on this new path with GOD.

So from now on it's blogging time again but with a different touch. I am still going to write/share about motivational & inspiring stuff but also about my believe and experiences with GOD. I am excited for the next blog so stay tuned it's gonna be awesome!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Be Good & stay Positive ♥

xoxo Lindsay

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