Tuesday, October 29, 2013

* * * How to just be ~ YOU * * * # 4

Finally we've come to the last part of the series about how to just be YOU. I hope it helped and inspired you to take that (first) step of F.A.I.T.H. Remember what I said. " If you choose to do nothing you're still making a choice".

Go find YOU and stop being someone else
So how can we just be ourselves without losing our personality..... First of all accept yourself the way you are.  Even with your flaws. Believe me nobody is perfect. Everybody has a weak spot. And to be honest it is good to have those spots. Otherwise you would be perfectly made and have no challenges to work on. And if there are no challenges we can't grow as a person, right? Here are a few start-up tips on how to be(come) your best version.

Personal brand - Who are you truly and what do you want to do or accomplish in this life GOD has given to you?  I am not saying to become a copy of someone else but just go find and discover your unique and special talents that has been given to you. The things you do natural and it's one of a kind in your own way.... The things that people recognize in your real personality.

Be(come) a Do It Now person. Only visualizing or fantasizing about your dreams isn't gonna complete the tasks or get you where you want to go. Taking action ( how scary it sometimes may seem ) will help you bring you to the next level. And once you've done it before, the next time it won't be so scary anymore. The more you do it, the more confident and better you'll get at it. That's also a sign that you are growing as a person and breaking out of that comfortzone or those limiting beliefs you put on yourself in the past or what others did. A great and awesome person who inspired me with these topics and still does is Brendon Burchard. Watch his inspiring video about * Myth of Limiting beliefs * and please do share your awesome thoughts and feeback on it :)

" I truly believe & experience that thanks to the mercy and love of GOD, he can help you work on your weak spot(s) one at a time and overcome them through the power and strength of Jesus Christ. "Lindsay R

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

* * * How to just be ~ YOU * * * # 3

So this part is about taking a look under the surface. What are you hiding from others? Or even things from yourself. Have you read the first two parts yet? Click here >>> 12 to check them out again. And it would be awesome if you share your thoughts about the topics. Enjoy this one as well and expect true honestly from me :)

Who are you truly?

Let's be real honest for a sec here. Are you happy and satisfied with your current living situation and happiness? Are you really being YOU? Or just putting on masks where no one can "see" when your hurting or something offended you and you regret that moment you could have defended yourself. And then when the moment is over that you wished you had done it differently. The "hard" part is how will you act the next time you see or talk to that person again? All I can say is I know exactly how your feeling right now!

You feel frustrated and angry and you know the funny part? Well actually we can't call it that ;) . But here we are fussing and over thinking the situation again and again, meanwhile the person who has putten this on you is now at home enjoying himself. Well I be darn. What's wrong with this picture? So let's "face" it. Do you wanna be totally and 100% yourself? Start living it and throw away those ugly masks and speak up what you wanna say in a respective & honest way of course.

I always want to treate people just the way I want to be treated.  In a loving & caring, respective and honest way. But I added  to the list that I am not gonna put aside my own opinion. We're all given a "voice" use it in a positive & inspiring way.

Get of that " I blame everybody and the world about the way I feel"

I can imagine that it's not always easy to be yourself or where to start? I've learned that you can't please everybody. Believe me I was so good at it. And before you know it someone else is controlling your life AND emotions. That's like giving away your power. Before we know it we are blaming another person about it and exposing all those negative emotions on the people close to you. But it definately makes you feel better right? Well not for long though and actually you are giving away your power, your happiness, your values...  So now is the time to take it back. How? Take a look today at your current situation and start taking action. It's your life and you deserve to at least treat yourself like precious value.

- Reflection Moments - 

When your getting real about your current situation. It's handy to keep in mind that your gonna go through some phases. In these moments it's a good thing to reflect on these moments. Why? Because in these moments you take a clear look behind the masks and get honest and real what needs to go or on what you need to work on. Mostly I'll write it off my "chest", analyze an old habit and if it isn't in line with the next step in my life purpose, I'll despose it out. These moments can give you clarity on what to put your focus on and what needs to go. Write it off, analyze it..... Is it usefull? Is it a match with your current goals? Is it in line what you believe in or value in life? Is it positive and respective? A wholeeeee lot to think about huh? I would say get started as soon as you can and keep on moving forward step by step. If you choose to do nothing you're also making a choice.

- Re-discover -  

Re- discover what your true character is. How do you see yourself now? How do you want to be seen by others ( without losing yourself in the progress )? How do the people who are often around you see you now? Analyze yourself with these questions and get inside your head and heart. A good and inspiring video to watch after reading this blog-post is another short inspiring video from Pastor Paula White . Check it out here >>>

Finally find out what's taking energy out of you - with which activity/subject is this always? If it's sucking the life out of you then you know it's not a good sign. When you recognize it you can do something about it. How? It's easy and simple.... Just take a look at the things in your life that brings joy, give more energy and peace. If you haven't got the time to do this yet, you can figure it out now.

" Just remember this. God made you unique and special just the way you are meant to be. Yeah of course you can't ignore the "baggage" in your life & personality. But it's up to you what you want to carry in it and start  seeing and believing what God's already been seeing in you ~ A Bright Star~ Ready to touch the world in a special way."  Lindsay R


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

* * * How to just be ~ YOU * * * # 2

I am so exited to share part 2 about ~ How to just be YOU ~ If you haven't read the first part. Check it out here >>> Part I . Hope it helped and gave you (more) clarity on the current things in your life? So this second part is awesome and difficult at the same time for me because it's about getting out of your comfortzone. Of course not something we often like to do. Especially if we're comfy where we at. Don't know about you guys but for me it's sometimes an on going process. But you know what? I deserve a better and brighter future. So I am not going to hold myself back and start creating opportunities when they are in reach. Life is too precious

 No Turning Back Now

In mid August I saw an ad in the newspaper. It was about signing up for a free workshop and it was for people who wanted to know and experience, if the entrepreneurship world is something for them. Now let me tell you this. I never read the (local) paper! Never ever. I wanted to use this paper to throw away the remainings of my watermelon :) I opened the page randomly and my eyes immediately fell on it. I saw and still see this as a sign of GOD. Last few months you've probably noticed me "talking" about me writing a business plan.... Well I definately believe that GOD was preparing me for this  " divine moment". So you kinda guess what I did next? Yes I signed up for it. I was exited and couldn't believe at the same time that I was putting myself out there and finally taking the courage and step to really share my business plans. After that moment I was like ohhh goshh what did I do. How am I gonna do this or make it happen?  And then fear came up. I was like no! You are not going to ruin my moment and especially a GOD given one. So I regrouped myself and handled my biz. (Update about the workshop is coming soon. So stay tuned)

Creating opportunities 
Everyday in life we have a choice what we want to do with our time and how we spend it. We are all responsible for it and can't blame another. I see this the same way with opportunities. But don't be hard on yourself when you miss one. There will be always another chance. If it will be the same? I can't promise. But I can definately say that with GOD you always get another chance.The B.I.G question is are you willing to take that step in F.A.I.T.H and let him lead you? I can guarantee you that you won't have any regrets. Why? Because everything I experience with GOD is positive and feels good & the right way. It also brings me closer to the dream(s) he put in my heart. Now it's time to step up and keep on moving forward.

I've realized that all the past years I was the one who was holding myself back with self pittiness and fear. But this year I've stepped out of that blame game and taking the step and courage, without being ashamed for regonizing my love for GOD and the things I love and stand for! It's time to take full possession. I've camped out long enough now on self pity land and I am not settling for less anymore. Here's a short video from Pastor Paula White , where I got so inspired by the word of GOD. Click here >>>  Enjoy watching and please do share your thoughts about it.

Never give up

In life I've learned that it always starts with YOU. Every direction your going, decision you make or opportunity you create. Or the time and energy you spend on people. And I've also learned that all the things that came across my path, can learn or teach you where you stand in life at that moment. So don't be so hard on yourself.

"Take good care of yourself and be kind & caring, just like you are to friends and loved ones. Remember that it's a journey not a battle." Lindsay R

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

* * * How to just be ~ YOU * * * # 1

So in this blog-post I wanna talk with you guys about just being you. Sounds easy as a breeze, but my question now is - are you totally being and living the real you? Or just faking it when you are around people? Even with your love ones.....

I got inspired by a dear friend of mine who is going through a phase where she is choosing to be herself and doing the things in life she loves and likes. I am so proud of her stepping in her own world and exploring the things to just be herself. And then I thought why not go deeper on this topic. So I'm gonna share a IV PART series with you guys on how I got through these experiences and just accepting myself the way I am now. Of course with all the flaws and all because it's still a working progress. But as long as you stay true to yourself eventually all the pieces will fall into place.

My Personal Story

As the most of you already known, I've gone through an on going transformation in my life ( read the extended version here >>> Changing direction II ) During those periods I thought I was handling every part of my life very well. On the surface it seemed so yes, but inside.... Well all I could say is houston we had a problem. Notice me writing "had". Luckily I survived these phases in one piece. I got real as in the real delio! No more hidding behind masks or acting it up, just real as it get's. And I'll tell you it's been the best decision ever! Being honest and true to yourself will open up closed doors. And I mean the ones where you didn't even realized how messy they were in your head and heart. Call it a real wake up moment.

Finding out who you are and what you value the most in life

  • First thing first. "Accept every bit and part of you. Just accept the way you are". You were made this way for a reason. Don't be(come) a copy. Just stay original. I definately believe that everyone was made unique and special and that includes all the flaws and weak points. I love the quote "we are spiritual beings having a human experience". Something to think about right?

  • Learn to get to know yourself better. Get more knowledge through your brain, behavior and character. I would say just have some regular date nights with yourself and do something you like to do or never tried before. For example take a cooking lesson, drawing session, etc. Even if you aren't good at it, if you haven't tried it you will never know how good you may be(come) at it.

  • Don't be to hard on yourself. Sometimes we fail at things but I guess that's the way life kinda works. I've experienced that through faillures I become more stronger and wiser then I was before that struggle or moment. But above all I am becoming an expert. Now that's not a bad thing because when you come across a situation like this again you know what to do next time. Or better yet how to avoid it.

  • It's important to stay and talk positive about yourself during these moments. Ever noticed that we talk positive to a (dear) friend or person, when they are struggeling. But when it comes to you, you beat yourself down? These moments are a reflection of the things that are not working for you and need to be deposit out of your life. After you dealed with it, it's time to get back up again have faith in yourself or if you are a believer just like me in GOD and carry on to the next challenge/opportunity in your life. The "real" trouble comes when you decide to quit and stay down laying on the floor. Don't endanger your future in exchange for self pitty. You are more worth then that!

  • Don't let friends or family influence you too much. Everyone has there opinion and that's ok! But when it comes to things that you value the most or that's coming from the heart, don't give your power away. I always appreciate positive and constructive critic but I would advise you to try to solve your own problems first. And if you don't know how or where to start, share it with a (good) friend that is a good listener and has also the qualities I've mentioned above.

  • Finally be grateful & stay happy as much as you can during every moment. And I mean the good ones but also the bad ones. Embrace and enjoy life always. If you can't come up with something then be grateful that you get another day to live, to see your loved one(s) the next day again. Or just the sun shining warmly on your face... Sometimes it's also the small things in live we take for granted. If you are having a bad day or something doesn't seem to go the way you've planned. Take a deep breath hold it for a sec and let all your troubles float along when you release it again. Ohhh and don't forget to smile as big as you can.

I hope these tips will and can be very helpful for you guys. I would love to hear your thoughts and own experience(s) about the things I wrote above. Looking forward reading your comment(s).

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