Tuesday, October 29, 2013

* * * How to just be ~ YOU * * * # 4

Finally we've come to the last part of the series about how to just be YOU. I hope it helped and inspired you to take that (first) step of F.A.I.T.H. Remember what I said. " If you choose to do nothing you're still making a choice".

Go find YOU and stop being someone else
So how can we just be ourselves without losing our personality..... First of all accept yourself the way you are.  Even with your flaws. Believe me nobody is perfect. Everybody has a weak spot. And to be honest it is good to have those spots. Otherwise you would be perfectly made and have no challenges to work on. And if there are no challenges we can't grow as a person, right? Here are a few start-up tips on how to be(come) your best version.

Personal brand - Who are you truly and what do you want to do or accomplish in this life GOD has given to you?  I am not saying to become a copy of someone else but just go find and discover your unique and special talents that has been given to you. The things you do natural and it's one of a kind in your own way.... The things that people recognize in your real personality.

Be(come) a Do It Now person. Only visualizing or fantasizing about your dreams isn't gonna complete the tasks or get you where you want to go. Taking action ( how scary it sometimes may seem ) will help you bring you to the next level. And once you've done it before, the next time it won't be so scary anymore. The more you do it, the more confident and better you'll get at it. That's also a sign that you are growing as a person and breaking out of that comfortzone or those limiting beliefs you put on yourself in the past or what others did. A great and awesome person who inspired me with these topics and still does is Brendon Burchard. Watch his inspiring video about * Myth of Limiting beliefs * and please do share your awesome thoughts and feeback on it :)

" I truly believe & experience that thanks to the mercy and love of GOD, he can help you work on your weak spot(s) one at a time and overcome them through the power and strength of Jesus Christ. "Lindsay R

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Be good and stay positive

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