Tuesday, November 26, 2013

* * * A Girl on a Mission * * *

" We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort". Jesse Owens

No one said it was gonna be easy to follow and  pursue your dreams.  But I can tell you that it's worth it. Every step and battle you usually face is a learning moment. To finally discover what my true dream (life purpose) was, took me like almost 5 years through lots of up and down moments, frustration, procrastination and negative thoughts. Man oh Man. I came to lot's of moments where I almost gave up. I even had one of those moments before I attended the workshop I talked about in my previous blog - post. But deep inside I still felt that fire burning and that I was breaking through a wall. I just had to hold on tight!  I am so happy I followed my intuition and thanks to the power and strength of God who kept me going and of course the people who believe(d) in me. I also deserve some credits of course ;) . At the end of the road I am the one who has to make the decision. No one can do it for me.

The Human Life Cycle

Next month I'll turn 30.... Worried? Nop, because it's just a number. What's more important to me is the way I see myself on the inside and how I feel. The reality part on this one though is that you keep on "aging" in numbers. Once we were a Fertilised egg -> Foetus -> then came a Baby out of it -> who grew up to be(come) a Child -> Teen -> Adult -> then came the Old aging -> and finally our Death.... Or as we call it the Human Life Cycle. In every phase of our life we will have to go through some life lesson(s) experience(s). I don't experience the things I went through as a waste. ( I used to though ) Some day it can come in handy. Now if I could've done somethings different or prevent them in the past? Yessss!!! So can you imagine what we as (young) adults had to go through at school, our job(s), people putting labels on us or criticising us and we accepting it as well? We got a whole lot of baggage to deal with now and seperate the good stuff from the bad. I am not saying that everything could've been perfect, because I do believe that we can definately learn from some mistakes we've made in the past. It can help us change to be(come) a better version of ourselfs. That's why I would like to help people break through the limiting beliefs they grew up with and inspire others that for everything there is a way.

My mission - Life purpose

I love to work with children (preference primary school). Like I said before they are pure, curious about life and not (yet) stuck in the world system. They are our hope & future and I definately believe that they can do an even better job then we are doing now. That's why I'm on a mission and that's - to Learn, Create & Teach things in Life from a "different" & "fresh" perspective. So that our next generation(s) can follow up in our footsteps and do an even better job to change the world in a Positive & Inspiring way.

My purpose is to help children develope their (natural) talent(s) and guide them through it and also discover more hidden talents. Eventually my goal is to help them discover and create  their future dream job through creative methods.

Personal Branding Coach for kids - I offer a (online) service where I tutor children and help them through an easy step by step program but most importantly in a Educational and FUN way.

I am also starting a charity for kids about self-love & self-identity. The reason why I want to start this charity is because I believe that every child has a dream planted in their heart. Not all of them are lucky or have the good benefits to grow up in a community or country where they can achieve their dream goals. I want to create a opportunity for them and that there is someone who believes in them and that everything is possible in life. It's not always gonna be easy but that they know and acknowledge that if they want to create their dream job, it starts with their self-believe.

How to contact me

If you like to know more about this charity project & the tutoring service you can contact me through the following email: puredivinitylifestyle@gmail.com. Looking forward hearing from you guys. 

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Be good & stay positive

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- Lin -

    new web for online service - stay tuned

    Project: visualboard of my dreamjob & life -2012

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

* * * Work It Out ~ Workshop * * *

After writing the previous blog-posts on How to just be YOU, I've come to realize that it is important to pursue your goals and dreams ( no matter what or how hard the situation may seem ). If you don't do anything and only dream about it, you'll never actually have the opportunity to really know how it feels like and to get out of your comfy zone. 

Did I achieve all of my goals this year ...

Have you ever wondered what could've happend if you would've tried something out? Even the smallest thing(s)? Well I did! And I can tell you it's an amazing feeling! It's like you become a much stronger person and more fearless. The funny thing is that the fear that was holding me back, is just an unpleasant emotion. I was afraid of what people might think of me or that my dreams and goals are out of my reach. Even close relatives didn't always understood why I was doing certain things. To give an example - I couldn't explain why I didn't felt the need to be on social media and why I kept feeling the urge to start my (online) business. Most of them were supportive, don't get me wrong but they didn't understood why I didn't want to combinate it with social media. I've realized that what you spend your time frequently on a daily basis can determine where you are or stand the next day, month, year. I decided at the beginning of this year that I didn't want to procrastinate anymore. Remember this blog post >>> Let the transformation begin .... I set some goals for 2013. I didn't accomplish all of them yet but I can truly say and declare that I chose to spend my time more wisely, started to pay more attention what I was eating ( no more meat since this summer ) and most importantly I made the commitment to build a personal and strong relationship with GOD. If I have to repeat this about him everytime I would --- because without his Love  & Mercy I wouldn't be the person I am now. This year has been so wonderful & inspiring for me. I've learned to never give up on my dreams and goals, the people who are in my life and to always have faith and believe in every battle I face. And that everything will eventually will be allright just as GOD promised it would be! I am also not ashamed ( anymore) to talk about him! He is my life and my source.

My Business plan(s) ...

This year I really sat down and made notes on what kind of business I want(ed) to start. Somewhere in March I started making mindmaps on why I want to start a business and what kind of  products & services I want to offer.


I started with my marketing plan but got stuck during the process. I was just procrastinating and was a little bit afraid to start bringing things into practice. It took a while but I eventually did it. Thank GOD! In this blog post >>>How to just be YOU - Part II I wrote on how I attented a four day workshop (spread over 1 month). It was a free course and I've learned a few awesome things like;

  • the Iceberg Theory
  • what is my dream (life purpose)
  • what was/is holding me back (limiting beliefs from the past and now)
  • how to identify my niche market
  • making a visualboard (this is my specialty)
  • taking a look at my value proposition, marketing - and business plan
  • discovering my strengths and weakness points
  • the elevator pitch
  • one on one conversation with experts about the basics when you want to start a business
  • giving a presentation about what I've learned from this workshop and of course to give a presentation about the business I want to start.

The next step ...

After attending this awesome free workshop and being inspired by the other people who were also chosen, I was so exited and full of energy to start on my business project! At the beginning of this workshop I also thought that I wanted to be a Personal Branding Coach for Entrepreneurs. BUT my true dream is to work with Children (preference primary school). As a young adult we already got our "baggage of life". Now I am not saying we can't change it. There is always a way. The difference with children is that they are pure and curious about life and are not (yet) stuck in the world system. We can help them to develope their (natural) talent(s) and guide them through it and also discover more hidden talents. Eventually my goal is to help them discover and create their future dream job through creative methods. I am not saying that I only want to work with children. I would also love to help out my fellow generation peepz :) . So stay tuned for more details in future blog post(s).... Like I always say when I am exited to start on a (new) project "Let's do this"...

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Much love

- Lin -

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

* * * Soul Journey to R.O.M.E. ~ 2011 * * *

Just wanted to share my soul journey trip to Rome in 2011.... It was an amazing trip and I really enjoyed everyday I spent in this beautiful city. Enjoy reading......

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Much Love

- Lin -

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

* * * Bucket List * * *

I''ve made a deep thought about it but I decided to share my bucket list with you guys..... Why??? Because now I am revealing more and more of me ( you wouldn't say but I'm kind of a private person ;) on my blog. So I thought why not share the things I already accomplished untill now and the things I want to be(come) & do.

This last year specially has been amazing! I've really been discovering my true inner self and it's an awesome experience. And you can do the things in life that feels 100% good to YOU without being a people pleaser. Believe me I was so so good at it. Now it's hasta la vista baby! I've done some cool stuff and challenge(d) myself to say YES  more often to things I wouldn't do or try out, because of procrastination or fear. But after experiencing the kick and adrenaline,  I've realized how amazing it feels and what great inner treasure(s) your hiding from yourself. You'll keep surprising yourself everytime.

So here it is!!! My Bucket List. I would say enjoy and get inspired to create your own.


" Start now and be a do it now person
This is your life. 
Make it count and be surprised what you can accomplish 
reach your fullest potential." 
Lindsay R


* Alicia Keys Concert
* Grow my hair back  Natural 
* Shave my head on one side
* Learn how to do the Tango & Flamingo
* Taking boxing lessons (it was cool but it's not for me)
* Celebrate my 30th B-day just the way I want to
* Learn Spanish (level 1)
* Learn Portuguese (level 1)
* Travel around the whole world (with my family)
* Citytrip to Lisabon
* Having more me-moments
* Make a painting
* Getting my driver's license
* Start a online blog ( yup this one right here :)
* Start a (online) business with my lovely mom
* Beyonce concert
* Start a Charity for Kids
* Write my first (E)-book
* More Q-time with (special) Family & Friends
* Citytrip to NYC
* Take more mini trips alone
* Citytrip to Ireland, Schotland & the countries of Scandinavia
* Learn how to swim ( still can't do it, so it's about time -.-")
* Be more kind and loveable to myself ( always a working progress but I am definately getting there!)
* Celebrate my Mommy's B-day in 2014
* Have my own apartment @ Rome
* Visit Australia
* Visit Asia
* Visit America
* Visit all European Countries
* Start my own Business in 2015 - my clients >>> Kids
* Learn how to play Guitar ( it was NOT meant to be)
* Learn how to invest with money
Marry the person GOD has chosen for me and have children together
* Build a lovely & beautiful House for my Mom, Sissy & Bro @ Surinam 
* Build a lovely & beautiful House for me and my family @ Surinam
* Citytrip (solo) to Rome #soul journey
* A combo citytrip with my lovely friend to Rome & Barcelona
* Trips with my lovely friend to Canarian Islands#Brussels#Surinam#Curacao#
* Brand myself
* Give to charity (and to more in the Future)
* Live in another country for a year (or longer)
* Volunteering @ the Church and in the society
* Volunteering abroad
* Starting a charity with my dear Sister
* Be(come) worldwide known for what I do with my Business
* Making more D.I.Y. projects
* Attent more (free) workshops#trainings to learn more and for my personal growth
* Learning Kids a choreography dance
* Build a #Learn#Play# area where kids can learn from adults and vice versa
* Visit one of my favorite friends who lives @ Barcelona
* Go on a wellness trip with the Three Musketeers
* Give Bible Study Class to Kids
* Create/make (more)  motivational video's on YOUTUBE
* Be(come) a motivational speaker and get (more) invitations
* Learn how to improve my Public Speaking Skills

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Be good & stay positive

Much love

- Lin -