Tuesday, November 5, 2013

* * * Bucket List * * *

I''ve made a deep thought about it but I decided to share my bucket list with you guys..... Why??? Because now I am revealing more and more of me ( you wouldn't say but I'm kind of a private person ;) on my blog. So I thought why not share the things I already accomplished untill now and the things I want to be(come) & do.

This last year specially has been amazing! I've really been discovering my true inner self and it's an awesome experience. And you can do the things in life that feels 100% good to YOU without being a people pleaser. Believe me I was so so good at it. Now it's hasta la vista baby! I've done some cool stuff and challenge(d) myself to say YES  more often to things I wouldn't do or try out, because of procrastination or fear. But after experiencing the kick and adrenaline,  I've realized how amazing it feels and what great inner treasure(s) your hiding from yourself. You'll keep surprising yourself everytime.

So here it is!!! My Bucket List. I would say enjoy and get inspired to create your own.


" Start now and be a do it now person
This is your life. 
Make it count and be surprised what you can accomplish 
reach your fullest potential." 
Lindsay R


* Alicia Keys Concert
* Grow my hair back  Natural 
* Shave my head on one side
* Learn how to do the Tango & Flamingo
* Taking boxing lessons (it was cool but it's not for me)
* Celebrate my 30th B-day just the way I want to
* Learn Spanish (level 1)
* Learn Portuguese (level 1)
* Travel around the whole world (with my family)
* Citytrip to Lisabon
* Having more me-moments
* Make a painting
* Getting my driver's license
* Start a online blog ( yup this one right here :)
* Start a (online) business with my lovely mom
* Beyonce concert
* Start a Charity for Kids
* Write my first (E)-book
* More Q-time with (special) Family & Friends
* Citytrip to NYC
* Take more mini trips alone
* Citytrip to Ireland, Schotland & the countries of Scandinavia
* Learn how to swim ( still can't do it, so it's about time -.-")
* Be more kind and loveable to myself ( always a working progress but I am definately getting there!)
* Celebrate my Mommy's B-day in 2014
* Have my own apartment @ Rome
* Visit Australia
* Visit Asia
* Visit America
* Visit all European Countries
* Start my own Business in 2015 - my clients >>> Kids
* Learn how to play Guitar ( it was NOT meant to be)
* Learn how to invest with money
Marry the person GOD has chosen for me and have children together
* Build a lovely & beautiful House for my Mom, Sissy & Bro @ Surinam 
* Build a lovely & beautiful House for me and my family @ Surinam
* Citytrip (solo) to Rome #soul journey
* A combo citytrip with my lovely friend to Rome & Barcelona
* Trips with my lovely friend to Canarian Islands#Brussels#Surinam#Curacao#
* Brand myself
* Give to charity (and to more in the Future)
* Live in another country for a year (or longer)
* Volunteering @ the Church and in the society
* Volunteering abroad
* Starting a charity with my dear Sister
* Be(come) worldwide known for what I do with my Business
* Making more D.I.Y. projects
* Attent more (free) workshops#trainings to learn more and for my personal growth
* Learning Kids a choreography dance
* Build a #Learn#Play# area where kids can learn from adults and vice versa
* Visit one of my favorite friends who lives @ Barcelona
* Go on a wellness trip with the Three Musketeers
* Give Bible Study Class to Kids
* Create/make (more)  motivational video's on YOUTUBE
* Be(come) a motivational speaker and get (more) invitations
* Learn how to improve my Public Speaking Skills

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Be good & stay positive

Much love

- Lin -

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