Monday, December 30, 2013

* * * HAPPY * * *

What a YEAR was for me! 

A year with lots of Battles and Struggles, but also with Hope and Faith,
A year of Uncertainty and Lost Moments, but also with Boldness and Courage,
A year of being Misunderstood, but also Discovering my True Inner Self,
A year of Disappointments, but also with many Opportunity's,
A year of meeting New People, lots of Joy & Laughter and more bonding with my Loved Ones.
And a year of Building a Personal Relationship with GOD
What a blessed year it has been for me....

I am Thankful and Grateful for everything that has happend this year. 
The Good - Bad - Ugly Moments. 
It's because of those moments I became a better version of myself and was specially surprised of the Boldness & Creativity that was in me all along is gonna be the N.E.X.T level

Finally a B.I.G Thank You to you Guys. For reading and stopping by @ my blog.
I hope and pray that my blog-posts have
Inspired and Motivated
you to do the things you want to do and wish in your life.
Remember Life is too short. Follow your dreams and stay True to yourself

A few Highlight "Moments" of this year.....

Much Love - Lin -


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