Wednesday, December 18, 2013

* * * A Simple Birthday * * *

Today's my Birthday and I feel very blessed that I have reached this Milestone.
It's funny when we don't (always) realize how time flies
by really fast. Once we were 20 and now we've reached the 30th's. Oh my Goshhh!
But hey it's just a number right ;)

  I am happy with the way I spend my Birthday and felt very blessed with
the people who were with me that day, called me and
send me
Sweet Birthday Wishes...

But most of all I THANK the LORD for giving me the best Birthday Wish ever!  
Discovering my True Inner Self
This year has been so inspiring & wonderful for me and I can finally say on this day 
from the bottom of my Heart, that I am truly Happy and Satisfied 
about ME being just ME 100% . I'll never forget this MOMENT and what GOD has done for me. I am exited & ready for the Wonderful Future HE has planned for me...


Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Be good & stay positive

Much Love

- Lin -

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