Tuesday, January 7, 2014

* * * Dreams & Goals * * *

Everyone of us has them and everyone of us want to achieve all the goals and dreams we set for ourselves. BUT as every person is different, so can our goals and dreams be. For some, it can be starting a new project about society, losing some weight, starting a business. Most of us ( like I used to do a lot ) put them in the category "someday"... Someday when I have the money, or someday I'll work on it, someday I'll subscribe for that online program or worskhop... Someday, someday, someday. Now I am not trying to discourage anyone here including myself, but I'm trying to make you realize that if your goals are scheduled for "someday" the chances are small that they will be realized. Someday is always in the future.


If I could have done it all over again I would've started planning and strategizing my time better. Now I realize how important it is to not only have a vision but also make a good plan. Luckily I could tackle this situation soon before the end of 2013 was approaching. Looking back at 2013 I am amazed on what I have accomplished ~ attending a workshop, saying yes to give a short motivation speech, creating a start up for my bizz . It was scary at first and sometimes I had to talk to myself - coaching myself - but I really couldn't follow it all through if it hadn't been for this missing piece - my Planning Board. I am a person that needs structure and if this is not the case, then there will be definitely chaosssss. So last year I decided to be more serious about my projects and the goals & dreams I want(ed) to achieve ( and many more of course for the (near) future). I took the courage and just followed up the things I put on my board. It helped me a lot ( and still does) to give me an overview on what I am working on and what needs to be done ( priorities/people I am waiting on or vice versa ) 


First and most important step is - what's your vision/theme? How do you "see" your life this year and in the (near) future? Start writing your vision and goals. What's gonna be your strategy? Finally it's important to stay focused and be disciplined. Remind yourself every day before you get up, on what you want to spend your time on first. Your time is very valuable!

To give you an idea I listed the main topics that are on my board below. Just to give you guys an idea how I try to manage & achieve my goals and dreams. ( P.s. I got this awesome information from Brendon Burchard and got it from the content of this video >>> Brendon Burchard - 1 page productivity tool ( I hope it's still available )


* Projects - write down the 3 important projects  you want to start and give your attention this year and  write down the 5 big things you must do to move this project forward.

* People - who do you need to reach out to today ( no matter what ) & people I'm waiting on to move forward. 

* Priorities - the main things I must complete today, no matter what. Here you can list the priorities and to-dos that must be accomplished today and do before getting trapped in your inbox and other people's agendas.


The following content I added as an extra on my planning board.

* Add memo notepads 
 - you can use color ones if you likewrite down the 5 big things you must do to move this project forward. Write 1 thing at a time. This way you know what your project(s) needs and you can remove the sticky note when your done and add the next step(s). Easy as a breeze. You can also add 3 small blanc notes ( also color ones if you like and use these as extra space for the projects your working on/or what's important on your list )

* Visualize
- to stimulate your creative side of the brain you can add some pictures that are inline with your project(s) - this helps reminds you "why" you are doing this. It can help you activate your brain to give you that " aha moment" - the reason why you're all doing it for - This is your vision.

* Quotes
 -  add your favorite quotes to give you that uplifting feeling and motivate you when you're having a down moment.

* The next information is not obligated but feel free to add them aswell on your board - a short mantra or small relaxation excersize. Note on the side: I can  be (very) lazy sometimes, we all do of course ;) but sometimes I can take very looong wintersleeps! :)  And then I beat myself up about all the slack I've created afterwards..... Not a good start huh....To tackle this "problem" I've added the following encouraging words so I wouldn't be so hard on myself and learn from those previous moments - learn from your mistakes - take decisions - adjust your own behavior - help others - create a relaxing atmospheer - give compliments - receive compliments - follow through on your agreements and promises - I also added a few self made mantra's like I love myself - I am a winner - I am Fearless.

So yeah that's it guys! I hope this information will give you a positive push in the right direction for your goals and dreams you've planned out for this year and in the (near) future. I would recommend to just start somewhere. It doesn't have to be perfect in the beginning, along the way you can always adjust some things. Oh and don"t forget to add your THEME.... It's your guideline ;)

My THEME Goal for this year is  - to write an  E-BOOK and start an ONLINE PROGRAM to inspire people and help/guide them to be(come) a better version of themselve. * I'll keep you posted about it....

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Be good & stay positive

Much love

- Lin -

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