Sunday, July 6, 2014

* * * My READINGLIST for this SUMMER * * *

As some of you may have noticed the weather is having his own kind of shedual ( this note is for those who live in the Netherlands) as I am writing this it has been raining for the last few days *sigh* . I do have to say that the weather has been great overly but some moments it could be like crazy. And then I mean like rain porring down like someone forgot to close the tap and the wind blowing so hard your anxiously looking for something to crab on, just in case the wind litterally blows you away *jikes* Luckily there is less of the blowing right now but still not fully satisfied about the rain grrrr.

So! Instead of letting the negative energy in, I decided to look for some books I can read this summer. They came from various places ( borrowed from a friend, bought them myself  or picked up at a community centre where you can take books home with you that the library gives away). But before I share these books with you guys I would like to share a little story ( since I love doing ;) .

Ever since I discovered at the age of 8 that I could get lost in a story, I fell in love with reading books. My very first book was about the Kameleon Brothers. A whole new world opened up for me. I tell you!

After that first expierence I came addicted to reading and still ammm. Specially when I have those moments when I like  read 1-3 books in one week. Maybe some of you read more then me but yes guilty here, but no shame :))) I love it! And I truly believe and experience(d) that reading stories I could build my empathy (which I had strongly ever since I was a little girl ) even stronger. I could go so deep into a story and felt the other person sorrow or joy that I would cry my lungs out or laugh out loud at the same joke(s) as if I was in the same room.  The "scary" part was and still is that I can "see" it happen as if I was looking at a movie. What the characters look like and where they live,  what they eat etc. Who needs television when you can have your own tv inside your head ;) . Everytime I pick up a book and start reading it amazes me and I never get bored of it.

Ohhh before I forget - my favorite genres to read are (non) sciencefiction, detective and romantic thriller. I always try to place myself in the characters and try not to be judgemental although sometimes it's not always easy * puts hands before eyes * But I do try/learn to observe the different characters and how they deal with a situation or problem. No one is perfect,  the key is to build trust and show vulnerability.  Not always easy because mr Pride is on the look out. But it's definately worth it.

So without further ado here are the books that are getting my attention this summer. ( I do have more but didnt add these to the list (yet)  Maybe I'll give an update. Don't know yet)
And maybe longer just in case if I don't finish them in the summer period. I really don't have a deadline 
so I'll be "reading" with the flow :D .


* "Echt verliefd" - Cathy Kelly
* "Die nacht aan het meer" -  Deirdre Purcell (!)
* "Eerlijk duurt langst" - Kristan Higgins (!)
* "De vergeving" - Nicolas Evans 
* "The Shack" - Wm Paul Young
* "The Clan of the cave bear" - Jean M Auel
* "Peyton"- Tama Janowitz

! I've already read this one but it's been a while

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Be good & stay positive

Much love

- Lin -

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