Sunday, October 12, 2014

* * * Lunchdate @ BaGel BaKery * * *

A good friend of mine introduced me to this lovely place

At daytime they serve different kind of tasty Bagels and Soups. And in the night time it's more Jewish - Arabic oriented. 

I've only visited this place by day but I'm definitely curious how the food tastes at dinner time. Definitely trying that out a next time!

My friend and I ordered the same thing. We had a Royal Bagel with the following ingredients:

- Fresh homemade Guacamole
- Spicy homemade Tomato sauce
- Melted Dutch Cheese
- Cherry tomatoes
- Arugula & Unions

We also ordered some homemade potato fries with rosemary. And for drinks she had orange juice and I choose apple, ginger and carrot juice.

We enjoyed our meal, the drinks, atmosphere and each others company. It was a lovely friday chitchat!

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Much love

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