Wednesday, April 15, 2015

* * * Meet-up with A Special Friend * * *

At the end of last month I went to Arnhem to visit one of my dear friends. This is her second working trip back to the Netherlands, Germany & Barcelona. She is the most Humble, Hard-working, Dedicated, Family Loving and Cheerful person I have ever met! I am so happy and grateful that God brought us together a few years ago. When I went to visit her she surprised me with two lovely presents. A notebook with an awesome quote from Mark Twain  + a postcard with a lovely text <3

"Das schönste aller Geheimnisse ist: ein Genie zu sein und es als einziger zu wissen" Mark Twain 

A Postcard with the following text - "Find comfort in Simple Things"

The first day we've ever met each other we talked for more then one hour! We have never talked before or got introduced. We stood there in the hallway of the front door and we talked about everything that came up in our minds. She is one of the persons who made me realize that life is too short to waste and she showed me in her behavior that other people opinions shouldn't shape your life. Some said/say to her that she is sassy or a bit arrogant. But I call it Boldness. To Stand-up for yourself, Believe in yourself and most importantly Love yourself just for who you are and following your dreams and goals and not what other people say that you must do. In my "changing directions story part II", I've mentioned her and my other cousin - "Therapy @Louvain year 2011" 

She is also one of the few persons who kept cheering for me when I felt lost and "thought" that I knew what I was doing. She never judged nor discouraged me in anything. Instead she was and still is honest to give me constructive criticism. In our friendship we always give each other our private space, respect each other's different opinions and life decisions. We are the same in our womanhood but also different in our personality. We are unique and therefore it's enough and we don't have to be someone else or wear a fake mask.

We had so little time to catch up but I stayed as long as I could because I still had my train journey back to Rotterdam. We talked and laughed a lot and we also showed our vulnerable side. I think that that's the best side for having friendships you cherish. You can just be YOU and don't have to show how tough you are or compete with each other. Our bond and connection is in the way we see life, our cheerful, loving & goofy personality but also learning and growing every day to be(come) a better version of ourselves. The whole reason about womanhood.


We are not Jealous about each other and what we do in Life
We are here to Support one another
Your Strength is my Strength, my Weakness is your Weakness 
We should build each other up and 
keep on sharing the same energy we all have as human being,
that's called LOVE 
Love that never judge
Love that supports you no matter what happens
Love that encourage you to face your fears and isn't afraid to show vulnerability
But more importantly, Love to just let the other person 
be themselves and pass 
this Beautiful Gift to the next generation of Powerful Women
That's my version of Womanhood...

The hardest thing we all as human being can do is to keep on showing our vulnerable side. Every Single Day! But it's so worth it! Every day I am trying. Some days I fail and some days I succeed, but through those learning moments I can still stay open to be vulnerable and try again. Never stop trying and never get discouraged. And finally don't give everyone permission to your vulnerability. It should be an honor that you share this personal side of you. It should be treated with kindness and respect. Just as you would do to someone else who shows his or hers vulnerable side to you.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Be good & stay positive

Much Love

- Lin - 


  1. We just hav to work on our weaknesses.

    1. Indeed Duncan :) and we don't have to do it by ourselves because Jesus Strengthens us through that process <3 . Much love cousin!