Thursday, May 28, 2015

* * * There is a Time and a Season for Everything * * *

"It may be a Time of new Beginnings, a time of Growth, a time of reaping the Harvest of Hard work, or a time of Rest. Trust this beautiful order. Everything in its time". - Anonymous

As I mentioned in my blogpost >> What do YOU do when your Plan is postponed, last year I was in a season of rest and healing. The emotional pain I went through before I gave my heart to jesus had to be recovered and healing had to take place. I now understand better that GOD know's best what we need during every season we are in.

New Beginnings
I' ve also learned in my walk with Him that He works with a system. After I got saved I was in a season of new beginnings. Everything was new for me and I hadn't touched a bible since I was little. The people around me always talked about GOD but less about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So I really wanted to know and learn about them and what my relationship is with them next to the Father. I am not gonna lie it was very confusing for me in the beginning, because all of them were also the same person. But I understand and experienced now what their seperate role is. As in the bible and in real life. God is our Creator, Heavenly Father. He is everywhere and through all things. Jesus is the Son of GOD and came to earth as the sacrifice so that we could be reunited with our heavenly Father. He is also our first Love. Because He came down to earth to rescue his bride. That's why He is the only one who can fulfill all of our basic needs and not the things of this world. After He completed his mission for God, He went back to heaven so that the Holy Spirit ( The Helper), who rose him back from the death, would come and dwell in us to help us on the mission God has given us. Because I truly believe that we as christians are on a mission. A mission that GOD has put in our hearts to help others in this world.

Time of Growth
The second season was a time of growth. Growing close and building an intimate relationship with GOD the Father, Jesus His Son and His spirit (the Holy Spirit) who is our Teacher and Helper. Before I could work on the relationship between us I wanted to know their roles in my life otherwise how can I communicate with them? The first year was very confusing for me because I couldn't seperated them and I had to be open to ask for help. But one thing I can assure you GOD is very patient and loving. HE never failed me in anything. When something happend and I didn' t understand it I would be a little bit sceptical and tried to do it my own way. He would give me the space but after a while He would lead me back to the same message. So I had no other option then to follow His instruction. It was hard for me. Because my mind still wanted to do the same "old" habits and I unconsciously depended on my own intelligent. BUT we serve A mighty GOD and sometimes He makes us do things ( through signs or a word from the bible) we don't understand at that moment but afterwards we "see΅ what He was trying to prevent us from and lead us too. If or when you don't know how to hear God's voice clearly? Listen to the calm voice inside ( Holy Spirit) He is not pushy or will force you to do something. In my experiences I also noticed and still do that the Holy Spirit uses words and not whole sentences. For example - wherever I walked or went my eyes would always be drawn by a sign of an administration office. I think you know what I was procrastinating on ;) . And even if I ignored it unconsiously it would still come up in my spirit. He kept on reminding me about this in a calm way. He will help you through impulsive ways but it's very important to move when he is giving these signs. That's why He is here to help. I had to make a decision not to be stubborn anymore and do it in my own thinking and power. Of course it is important to use your brains and not be led by your emotions but what the Holy Spirit is trying to say through your spirit (spiritual intelligence). Building a relationship takes effort and time. But most importantly Trust, Openness and Honesty and that' s what I had to be more last year to Jesus Christ and God. Otherwise how can He help me and take care of me just as he promises in his word ( the bible). I was scared to show my vulnerability but I've learned that He knows me better then anyone does and especially me. Jeremiah 1:5

A Time of Harvest
In my third season it was a time of reaping the harvest of hard work. After a lot of crying and don't understanding how everything was going to work out, I started feeling renewed inside my heart and mind. It's hard to describe but I can only compare it when you are really thirsty and when you drink a glass of refreshing water. Revelation 22: 1-5 , you can feel the water streaming down inside you and you "feel" that your body just needed this. Well that's how my spirit felt after I broke down that high wall, I've build all those years, with the help and power of the Holy Spirit. I followed His instructions and He led me through my fasting periods (to break soul ties and bondage & addictions - Isaiah 58), my deliverance prayer from every occultism and being baptized in water to be reborn again in Christ (the Holy Spirit). All of this happend in the same year (2013) when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. There were moments I thought I could never do it or overcome some addications that were messing up my life. But greater is HE that is in me then he that is of the world. If you are going through a process like this, DON'T GIVE UP AND LET THE HOLY SPIRIT HELP YOU. He can only do that if you open up to HIM. And it's so worth it because THANKS TO HIS POWER I'VE BEEN SET FREE. All praise and glory to HIM.

A Time of Rest
My last season was a time of rest. This was the hardest part for me because after I got my wake-up call from GOD (the year He saved me),  I couldn't wait to start with the Godly mission He put in my heart in 2013. But GOD just did the opposite in the year after (2014) and kept me away from the world system. I was living on welfare, getting rejected by every job application I applied to. Even jobs that were under qualified for me. At first it bothered me (back in 2012 - same experience with welfare and rejections on job applications) but after my spiritual growth with Jesus Christ these rejections started bothering me less. I knew GOD had a plan for my life and also for this situation. So I kept my spiritual "eyes" and "ears" open to see where He was leading me to with all of this. And the answer came! People who live on welfare have the opportunity to start their own company. I started uhm no I'll be honest I tried to make a clear plan. But you see I like to call myself positive chaotic (taking up too much projects that's impossible to handle at the same time) and so I was having a difficult time trying to finish my business plan. I kept on asking the Holy Spirit for help and guidance but I was looking for a tree instead of a sead. Like I mentioned in my blogpost What do YOU do when your Plan is postponed, I was making plans to go back to my motherland, Suriname. I applied for jobs there, started networking, I signed up my project at a crowdfunding platform that represents Surinam but everthing I tried wasn't working properly and doors didn't open. 

This lasted untill November last year and I decided to start all over again with everthing. Meaning putting aside all of my own plans and having an open and honest conversation with my Heavenly Fahter. So I asked Him where I kept missing the signs and what I was ignoring unconsiously. He "showed" me the answers through His words, previous dreams and visions He gave to me and through a vision He also gave my sister and a dear friend. And it all made sense again! I lost track on the signs He gave me at the beginning of my spiritual growth in Him and I started adding my own goals that I wanted to accomplish last year (starting a project in Surinam) He never gave me a clear direction or conformation that I was ready for Surinam. He put it in my heart yes, but He didn't confirm it to me through a dream or a clear sign. 

Finally I worked hard on my business plan (in January)  to finish it on time. The hardest part was the financial plan so I literally cried out for His help! I had less then a week and this part was holding me back the whole time and on top of that I had to change the text to dutch (I wrote everything in English) Man oh man I can only say that it's because of the Power and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit I could have finished everything on time. In less then 48 hours after I've delivered my business plan, I got a phone call from my coach and he said that my plan got approved. I was so happy and thankfull and of course I did my Holy Spirit Dance Off :) . After this all had sank down into my spirit I started to panic a little bit BUT I had nothing to be worried about actually because If GOD aproved this, I WILL SUCCEED. And that is only because HE is right next to me during every step

I've learned and experienced that when GOD approves something HE will "ask" you (give you signs/opportunties) to react on it immediately but definitely give you the time to work it all out. To give another example - Because things weren't working out with finding a job in Surinam, I wanted to make sure to find a job here in the Netherlands (assuming Surinam wasn't working because of the closed doors) on time before my welfare income ended somewhere in 2015. So I asked around and a good friend of mine told me there was gonna be a job opportunity available at her work. Her reaction came at the same time God has put in my spirit to sign up for the opportunity the welfare gave (starting your own business on welfare). I've noticed and experienced that whenever something like this happens I go for the one that gives me the most fear. If I want to grow and evolve I have to take a leap of faith and trust GOD ALMIGHTY through every opportunity He gives me. At the end of the day WE have the responsibility to react and take hold on to the things HE presents to us. Before I gave my heart to Jesus I always trusted myself and believed that I could make it (my own strength) I was always bold enough to believe that everything was going to work out for my good. Of course I didn't realize (yet) that it was GOD all along who allowed those things to happen. I don't know about you but I had a hard time letting go of every control of my life (it's bought with the priceless blood of jesus now) and give it to our Heavenly Father. I was so used to doing things all by myself that I was struggling to put it all in His hands. Now He is sitting beside me in the "car" and advising (His Spirit - the Holy Spirit) me when to go left, right or straight ahead. The "roadmap" I've created had to be readjusted and in every step I take now, I always look for His signs and react on them. Sometimes it takes a few times to get the clear message what He is trying to tell me but the longer I pratice the better I can sense His presence and what He is trying to show/tell me. And another good comfort is that He already knows the end of our lives here on earth. It's NO coincidence that he is called Alpha & Omega Revelation 22:13

Instead of paying attention to what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell and showing me, I was too "busy" making plans to go to Surinam. When it actually was a season of spiritual healing for me, a season to readjust my roadmap and reset my mind from some old habits I still was holding on to. I learned a lot last year and it's okay to fail sometimes because GOD doesn't expect from us to figure everything out immediately but to "learn" and listen to His voice and the signs He gives through the bible, dreams, etc. Follow Him and not your own way of thinking or the system of the world. He will give you the space to "learn" from that moment but always let you make a U-turn to follow back the path He has already arranged for you.

Building my Faith every day
He knows the beginning and the end of our Lives. Let's trust Him through every season and let Him show us the directions instead of ignoring His signs and mapping everything out on the roadmap we created by ourselves. I've experienced that whenever I make my own plans it will ALWAYS fail. So during every process and season I am starting to trust Him more and more and everytime I do that,  it gives me the stability and reassurance everyone needs in a personal and intimate relationship. When you give it all you are giving Him the opportunity to give you everyting you need. When I ask Him He gives and when He ask me I give. I am still learning to do this with everything in my life. It's not always easy but every day I am giving pieces of my life to my first love Jesus, my King and Savior Revelation 22:17 So I will keep seeking and looking out for Him every day & minute because He is the living water I need every day in my whole life.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this blog post. I pray that Jesus Christ may lead and guide you through every season you are facing now. When you start trusting Him completely, even when you don't understand it sometimes, He will never fail you. YOU GOT THIS!

Be good & stay positive

Much Love

- Lin -

Pictures were made by my lovely friend @Prague'12 - check her instagram out - Gully68