Tuesday, July 7, 2015

* * * FREEDOM * * *

Are we truly "free" in this era of life? Free to speak or to just be ourselves? Or do we need permission - Permission  to act or do the things that fits in society's mold or what someone else says or think that we should do? I used to think that I was living a life free from bondage. I didn't  really  realize that that wasn't the case for me, until I got confronted with some (old) personal issues. It is not easy (for nobody) to look inside your mind & heart and "see" for yourself if you're truly living a free life.

For me, REAL FREEDOM starts inside our head. If you let fear or doubt rule over your mind and thoughts constantly or worry all the time what  people  might think of you, then tell me are we completely free in this era of life? Unconsciously you can be living a life in bondage and miss out on great opportunities just because  you are afraid to speak up, think different or simply to be rejected?

All the great thinkers and doers (now and before our time) weren't the typical average person. They  had something  in common (my personal point of view) - They stood up for what they believe(d) in and the ones who aren't around us anymore, have left a mark in this world to  help (a) next generation(s).

What are you doing with the freedom that has been given to you in this era of our lives?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

Be good &  stay  positive 

Much  love 

- Lin -


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