Tuesday, October 15, 2013

* * * How to just be ~ YOU * * * # 2

I am so exited to share part 2 about ~ How to just be YOU ~ If you haven't read the first part. Check it out here >>> Part I . Hope it helped and gave you (more) clarity on the current things in your life? So this second part is awesome and difficult at the same time for me because it's about getting out of your comfortzone. Of course not something we often like to do. Especially if we're comfy where we at. Don't know about you guys but for me it's sometimes an on going process. But you know what? I deserve a better and brighter future. So I am not going to hold myself back and start creating opportunities when they are in reach. Life is too precious

 No Turning Back Now

In mid August I saw an ad in the newspaper. It was about signing up for a free workshop and it was for people who wanted to know and experience, if the entrepreneurship world is something for them. Now let me tell you this. I never read the (local) paper! Never ever. I wanted to use this paper to throw away the remainings of my watermelon :) I opened the page randomly and my eyes immediately fell on it. I saw and still see this as a sign of GOD. Last few months you've probably noticed me "talking" about me writing a business plan.... Well I definately believe that GOD was preparing me for this  " divine moment". So you kinda guess what I did next? Yes I signed up for it. I was exited and couldn't believe at the same time that I was putting myself out there and finally taking the courage and step to really share my business plans. After that moment I was like ohhh goshh what did I do. How am I gonna do this or make it happen?  And then fear came up. I was like no! You are not going to ruin my moment and especially a GOD given one. So I regrouped myself and handled my biz. (Update about the workshop is coming soon. So stay tuned)

Creating opportunities 
Everyday in life we have a choice what we want to do with our time and how we spend it. We are all responsible for it and can't blame another. I see this the same way with opportunities. But don't be hard on yourself when you miss one. There will be always another chance. If it will be the same? I can't promise. But I can definately say that with GOD you always get another chance.The B.I.G question is are you willing to take that step in F.A.I.T.H and let him lead you? I can guarantee you that you won't have any regrets. Why? Because everything I experience with GOD is positive and feels good & the right way. It also brings me closer to the dream(s) he put in my heart. Now it's time to step up and keep on moving forward.

I've realized that all the past years I was the one who was holding myself back with self pittiness and fear. But this year I've stepped out of that blame game and taking the step and courage, without being ashamed for regonizing my love for GOD and the things I love and stand for! It's time to take full possession. I've camped out long enough now on self pity land and I am not settling for less anymore. Here's a short video from Pastor Paula White , where I got so inspired by the word of GOD. Click here >>>  Enjoy watching and please do share your thoughts about it.

Never give up

In life I've learned that it always starts with YOU. Every direction your going, decision you make or opportunity you create. Or the time and energy you spend on people. And I've also learned that all the things that came across my path, can learn or teach you where you stand in life at that moment. So don't be so hard on yourself.

"Take good care of yourself and be kind & caring, just like you are to friends and loved ones. Remember that it's a journey not a battle." Lindsay R

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Be good and stay positive
Much love
- Lin -


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